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Spoken London English
Spoken London English
Language and gender
Language and gender
Discourses and attitudes
Discoures and attitudes
Language and the media
Language and the media
Language change
Language change
Language diversity
Language diversity

The Teaching Units provided here are specifically designed to offer secondary school teachers of English language up-to-date examples of English language use and associated analytic themes. They draw primarily on recent research conducted by leading sociolinguists at Queen Mary University of London, a linguistics department that was top-ranked in the last two national research assessments (RAE2008, REF2014). Where relevant, the Teaching Units cite wider recent research in the field.

Almost all of the Teaching Units provide original raw data from these research studies for teachers to use free of charge. Most Teaching Units also include links to relevant Linguistics Research Digest summaries of research articles. The Teaching Units under Spoken London English were available through an earlier resource established by Jenny Cheshire and Sue Fox and are incorporated within the larger database on this site.

The Teaching Units are grouped into themes that match the thematic specifications of the AQA and other qualification boards. We will periodically add new Teaching Units to this database. Do complete our survey if you have any feedback for us!

1: Alex – at the airport
2: Angela – street trouble
3: Courtney and Aimee – how Courtney met her boyfriend
4: Dafne and Nandita – food stories
5: Derya and Kareen – competing stories
6: Howard and Junior – dog story
7: Laura – problem at college
8: Lydia and Louise – competing for the floor
9: Madeleine – dressing up
10: Stan – life in the army
11: Tina – walking home from cadets
12: Zack – the bike incident
13: Uptalk in London
14: Accent and social class
15: Code-switching in African-American English
16: Code-switching in Singapore English
17: Being Asian in London
18: Good or bad grammar?
19: Opinion writing about grammar
20: Digital communication
21: News language
22: News and reality
23: Fake news
24: Accent Bias and Discrimination
25: Accent Bias Quiz
26: Accent Bias and the Public
27: Accent Bias at Work
28: Digital Interactions
29: Style on Twitter
30: Slang